Sylvan Archers is about having fun with family and friends and enjoying the outdoors and the relaxation that archery can provide. However, safety for ourselves as well as others MUST be the first concern. The following are safety guidelines to observe, but common sense must also prevail. Thank you for taking the time to read through this important document.

If you would like a printed version of these rules CLICK HERE


  1. Use common sense while shooting or any other activity at the range. Bows are potentially dangerous weapons. You are engaged in a hazardous sport and are strictly liable for your own actions. You are responsible for the actions of your family and guests. Make them aware of our safety rules. We have an excellent safety record, and we want to continue to have one. Accidents can happen, but if we all look to ourselves first for safety, we will continue to have a fun and safe place for all of us to enjoy archery.
  2. The gate card reader is monitored for member access. You are not allowed to give your card to a non-member to use. And remember that we only allow a guest to be brought o the range two (2) times before they would need to apply for their own membership.
  3. If targets need to be replaced, you should contact the 1st vice president (of targets.)
  4. Any intentional destruction of club property or shooting of arrows into trees, poles, or any other structure shall result in an automatic suspension of your membership, and possible prosecution for vandalism.
  5. Do not shoot or draw bows while anyone is downrange in front of you.
  6. When all the archers are finished shooting on the practice range, archers will set down bows and walk down range together to pull arrows. Always look first before walking down the range to ensure that no one is still shooting.
  7. Do not "sky draw" your bow (raise the bow arm skyward when drawing. If you cannot draw with your bow arm not higher than your shoulder, you must lower your draw weight to the point that you can draw safely.
  8. Broadheads are not to be carried or shot on any course with the exception that they may be shot on the broadhead range, and during the club sponsored Broadhead League. Broadheads may NEVER be shot into cedar bales. Remember, you are not permitted to carry broadheads with you at any time, except as noted!
  9. Crossbows are not allowed on Sylvan property.
  10. There will be ABSOLUTELY no alcohol consumption on any shooting range, which includes the practice range. No excessive use of alcohol will be tolerated on the club property.
  11. Illegal drugs will not be allowed on Sylvan property.
  12. Pick up trash after yourself and family or guests. There is no paid staff at the club to clean up after you.
    Parents must watch their children carefully. Younger children tend to not pay close enough attention to where they are going.
  13. All pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Please remember to pick up the "doo-doo" after them.
  14. Use caution while driving vehicles at the range and watch for children.
  15. Follow written instructions and posted rules and verbal directives from the range director or other club officers.
  16. Camping is allowed at Sylvan Archers range for members and qualifying NFAA members for a period of no longer than 7 consecutive days and not more than 7 days within a 30 day period. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the President or any of the vice presidents or by the entire board. A signed written permission must be given to the requester that would list the dates inclusively.
  17. There are no RV hookups and no RV sewage dumping of any kind on the property.
  18. Restrooms are available 24 hours every day.
  19. No firearms, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, fireworks or any type of weapon or explosive devices allowed on Sylvan Archers property.
  20. There is no hunting of any kind on Sylvan property.


  1. Broadheads may be shot into the targets in the new broadhead practice range. This is the only range on the property where you may shoot broadheads.
  2. The Broadhead Practice Range is located behind the green containers next to the parking lot and has a maximum distance of 60 yards.
  3. The Broadhead Practice Range will be closed when there is a field tournament in progress.
  4. There is an exit for a field course that terminates behind the shooting area of this course. Persons exiting from the field course have the right of way . There is another field course that starts near the broadhead range. Those archers have the right of way. Example; "right of way" means that persons shooting the broadhead range must stop and wait for those persons exiting or entering either of the field courses. This is more than a courtesy, it reduces the chance of an accident happening.
  5. You can use your personal targets on the broadhead range, or use the club's. You cannot use your personal targets on any other range at this time.
  6. Please clean up when finished and place all debris in the provided trash container when you are through shooting.
  7. Please observe these rules. They are to make the whole property safe for all of us, and to reduce conflicts between different user groups.


  1. There are 4 field (marked range) courses at Sylvan Archers range. These each consist of 14 sets of bales with paper targets attached. These rules pertain to these 4 courses.
  2. Always follow the course markers.
  3. These are "walk through" courses. Never backtrack on courses.
  4. Only enter and exit the course at it's designated beginning and end.
  5. Always wait for the archers in front of you to completely clear the target at a safe distance from the bales where they are pulling arrows before preparing to shoot.
  6. When you are through pulling arrows and have moved to a safe distance toward the next shooting blocks, call out "clear" to the group which is waiting to shoot behind you. A good rule to use when you are in a group is "The one in the rear hollers clear".
  7. Always think through your actions with safety being the first consideration.


  1. Again, this is a walk through course, no backtracking. There are approximately 20 3-D targets set up on this course. The following rules apply to this course.
  2. Always follow the course markers.
  3. Enter and exit at the beginning and end of this course, with one exception only. A mid course exit is available if needed. At the sign for roving target # 13, look to the left, go to the 3-d maintenance trail, then to the yardage markers for target A-23 ( 55 yards). Follow the field course marker out to the end of the course.
  4. Absolutely, no backtracking.
  5. Do not cut "cross country". Stay on the course and exit at the end.
  6. Follow the marked exit closely.
  7. NEVER walk across a shooting lane for any other course.
  8. Always think through your actions with safety being the highest consideration.